Diy Embroidered Hats

What uppp! So today I’m going to show you how to embroider on the back and front of a dad hat….

I just went to a thrift store and got an old hat.

I have a seam ripper and an exacto knife. On the inside of the hat – I took the exacto knife and kind of just sawed at the thread… then flipped it around and took the seam ripper to the front.

You can kind of see how that came off. Then I Just did that all over and got rid of all the texts.

To get rid of the fuzzies just used some tape. You can still see where the embroidery was, But I want it took look older.

I took a spray bottle with some water and added some bleach. I tested out that on a different hat to make sure it was what I wanted.

I liked it so I went ahead and did it on the real hat. After that I took a bucket full of water and hydrogen peroxide to neutralize the bleach.

I wanted to make a couple different hats in different ways.. so I dyed a white hat black..

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I bleach the Vata hat and I also bleached that black hat and it turned a cool pink color..

I then embroidered em! I’m going to do a give away for these hats on my Instagram and twitter so.. go check it out.

Now back to the hat. so..

I drew up what I wanted to embroider in a rad lil notebook first.. then I took a water soluble pencil and drew it on my hat.

For the embroidery floss.. I like the DMC brand.. ( I said GMC in the video.. oops) after picking out the colors.. I figured out what colors will go where by coloring it in in my notebook.

So I use the grain of the hat to make the directions of the stitches..

I also got little finger condom things to protect my fingers as I stitched.. I’m turning into my mom…

So to end the stitch… I just make the last stitch into the back.. then from the back I split the floss in half. then I take one half and thread it through a previous stitch.. then make a square knot.. I hope that’s not too confusing? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I like to use pliers to pull the thread through when it gets too hard to pull..

On the back of the hat I did a split stitch. and to do that you just make a normal stitch coming up from the back and then down through the front.. On your next stitch coming up you are going to come up through the middle of the first stitch.. and follow that pattern… yah? yah..

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